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Remoska Recipes

  Had great fun cooking and experimenting with different meals in the Remoska electric oven since we had it a few days ago. Have to say REALLY impressed with both how quickly it cooks and the deliciousness of the food  BUT: Three things you need to know about the Remoska: 1  The pan and the lid get extremely hot. Searingly hot. I caught my forearm on the edge of the pan and got a really nasty burn 2  It is easy to catch the electric cable on the side of the pan when you are opening the lid.  If you do it will quickly melt 3  There is no thermostat or timer on the pan.  Because it cooks so hot, it also cooks quickly and food can burn in a coluple of minutes over it's time Here are some pics of stuff I've cooked recently - all of which turned out perfect.  Except a Yorkshire pudding did catch and blacken when I temporarily forgot about it  Chicken and vegetables. A complete one-pot meal. Layer thinly sliced potatoes in the bottom, add slices of other veg of your choice and season

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